Raw Meat Diet Doesn’t Make Your Dog Aggressive

A raw meat diet making dogs aggressive is another one of those strange myths that need to be put to bed as there is no truth to it. One of the purported reasons for this myth is the claim that raw meat has a closer resemblance to animals so this increases the likelihood of the dog attacking other animals.

No, you really don’t have to worry about your dog becoming a vicious beast after you start feeding them a raw diet. Just because they are eating raw duck meat for example doesn’t mean they will start to attack all the ducks they come across in the nearby park.

Any stories you do hear of dogs becoming more aggressive after they start a raw meat diet is due to a different reason. For example, some dogs may be more territorial or possessive than others. They might really enjoy the raw meal and show signs of aggression when you or other animals approach them while eating. This can happen with puppies who have yet to learn proper food boundaries.

It might even be a result of a health problem. The raw meal you are providing your dog might not have been properly prepared and has made him sick. In some cases, a sick dog can show signs of aggression because they feel more vulnerable.

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