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3 Reasons Why Your Rottweiler Follows You Everywhere


Rottweilers are some of the most loyal and devoted dog breeds out there and they often are referred to as velcro dogs. This nickname comes from the fact that they want to be with you at all times, protecting you and sticking with you because that’s where all the action is. Just like with a lot of dogs, Rottweilers want to follow you everywhere you go, but some of the reasons are different than those of other breeds.

1. Rottweilers are One of the Oldest Herding Breeds

Rottweilers were used for cattle herding many years ago when the Romans were in Germany. That herding nature is still a part of the Rottweiler personality. Deeply wired into the genes of Rottweilers is the natural desire to herd so following you everywhere is part of that gene.

The desire to chase moving objects is part of this herding gene, so if you are moving your dog will want to chase you. Socialization early in life is important for the Rottweiler to learn when it’s appropriate to use that herding gene and instinct to chase and when it’s not.

2. Your Rottweiler is Suffering from Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety happens with many dog breeds and Rottweilers are no different in this regard. The dogs want to be close to you and where you are, so if you are gone then separation anxiety is likely to occur. When you get back your Rottweiler will likely follow you around the house.

Separation anxiety can be difficult to overcome, especially if you have to keep the dog put up while certain people are around or certain events are going on. When you get home, your dog being clingy to you and following you is often a sign of this separation anxiety.

3. Your Rottweiler is Trying to Communicate Something

Your Rottweiler might be following you around everywhere because it’s trying to tell you something. You might notice your Rottweiler is rumbling when you are around or rumbling as it follows you around the home. These rumbles are ways that the dog is trying to communicate with you similar to how a cat purrs, meaning it’s a happy rumble.

If you notice your dog is nudging you, it’s likely trying to communicate with you to go in a certain direction. Rottweilers are very dominant and smart dogs, so they will follow you and try to herd you around as a way of communication. They may also follow you to indicate a certain need (such as needing to do their business outside or to show a sign of hunger).

How to Train a Dog to Not Follow You Everywhere

Exercise is one of the ways you can begin to train your dog not to follow you everywhere. Tiring your dog out is a good thing since this mental stimulation can help calm them down and relax them.

Help desensitize your rottweiler to you getting up can help stop him from following you. Make it so that your action of getting up has no meaning, and then the dog will get tired of following your lead. Repeat getting up over and over until your dog finally just ignores it.

You can train your dog using the command “Stay” to prevent them from following you. Start with small distances and then work your way up to longer distances, such as you going to the bathroom. Reward your dog with a treat when you use the command and your dog stays, and repeat this until your dog has successfully mastered this command.

You also can use a baby gate to keep your dog in a certain area without you there. Put a couple toys with the dog to keep him from stressing out during this time.

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