Why Dogs Rub Their Butts on the Carpet

Dog Carpet

For dog owners, it can be quite frustrating when they see their dogs rubbing their butts on the carpet. It can cause quite a bit of mess especially if it comes after a dog’s poop session. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that rub their butts on the carpet.

They Have Anal Gland Issues

Dogs may rub their butts on the carpet if they have issues with the anal glands. This is likely to be the case if there is also a fishy or metallic smell coming from your dog’s body. The dogs can start to feel some discomfort and irritation in their butt area if the anal glands don’t get properly expressed. It usually happens naturally when a dog does his business but there can be occasions when the dog will need some assistance from someone to get the glands expressed.

Presence of Tapeworms

Dogs may also rub their butts on the carpet if they are affected by parasites like tapeworms. The tapeworm segments will cause irritation to the butt area, especially when it exits through the dog’s anus. One way to know whether your dog is affected by tapeworms is by taking a close look at his poop. If you see tiny, white-colored pieces in the poop (size of rice pellets) then this might be an indication that your dog is infected.

Dog’s Butt Has Excess Fecal Matters

Dogs may rub their butts on the carpet if there is excess fecal matter around his butt. The dog is trying to shake off the excess poop by scooting his butt along the floor. This can be common among long-haired dog breeds. One simple way to manage excess fecal matter is by trimming the hair around the dog’s butt.

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