Dog Rubbing His Ears and Neck on Floor After a Bath – 3 Reasons Why

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Here are a few common reasons that may explain why a dog will vigorously rub his ears and neck on the floor or carpet after a bath.

1. Water inside the dog’s ears

You might not have dried the dog properly. The dog could be rubbing his ears against the floor because he is trying to get water out from his ears. Sometimes, it might not be possible to get all of the bathwater out from the dog’s ears. In such cases, it may help to lay a towel on the floor so the dog can learn to dry it himself. A dog shower cap might also come in handy to give further protection for your dog’s inner ears.

2. Rubbing as a sign of overexcitement

Some dogs are simply happy to be free again after feeling overwhelmed from being given a bath. A lot of dogs hate water. There could also be overstimulation from being touched all over during a bath. Imagine how happy the dogs will be once they have their freedom again. Rubbing their ears and neck on the floor or carpet could just be one way the dogs are expressing their happiness.

3. Getting back their dog smell

Some dogs may not like the smell of shampoo and soap. The dog may rub his ears and neck on the floor after a bath because they want to smell like a dog again. This makes sense considering how sensitive dogs are to smell. In addition to the floor, some dogs may rub their ears and neck against a pile of clothes or rub all over your bed.


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