What to Do if Your Dog is Suddenly Scared of Something in the House

Is your dog not acting like his usual self? Is he sensing something inside the house that’s scaring him? Here are some reasons why dogs may act like this even if you know there isn’t anything unusual in the house.

There Might Actually be Something

We don’t want to freak you out but there might actually be something inside the house that’s scaring him. Dogs have spider-like senses due to their keen sense of smell so they might feel there’s something nearby that you aren’t able to detect. This could, for example, be a mouse behind the wall. In other cases, it could be due to something outside the house. Perhaps your dog heard something or smells something unusual.

Your Dog is Sick

Your dog can suddenly look anxious and scared if he has some kind of health problem. Physical injuries can be quite bothersome and dogs may try to hide their injuries by exhibiting unusual behaviors like hiding in confined spaces. You should check with the vet if your dog shows any other worrying signs on top of looking scared.

Senior Dogs are More Prone to Being Scared

Unfortunately, dogs are just as susceptible as we are to illnesses and diseases as they get older. Senior dogs, for example, may be affected by conditions like canine dementia. This often results in a confused and scared dog because they are suddenly unable to recognize their surroundings.

How to Help a Scared Dog

The first thing to rule out is to make sure that your dog isn’t sick or has some kind of physical injury. This is especially important if your dog is getting scared more often than usual by “something” in the house. You may want to also pay close attention to the surroundings and see if there is some kind of external factor that could be triggering the dog’s behavior. It could, for example, be due to some loud noises outside or a smell that’s barely noticeable. Taking these steps will put you a step closer to figuring out why your dog is suddenly scared of things in the house.

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