Why Your Dog Likes to Scratch and Dig the Carpet

There will be times when your dog will drive you a bit crazy, such as when he scratches or digs the carpet almost to the point that it gets damaged. Here are the most common reasons that may explain the carpet-scratching behavior. It’s best to try and resolve this as soon as possible before the carpets gets further damaged.

Your Dog is Excited or Anxious

Carpet scratching or digging could be a result of a dog’s excitement or anxiety. For example, you may notice your dog scratching the carpet whenever you get home or when you are about to give him his favorite treat. It can also happen if you have someone visiting your house or if showed some household object that your dog isn’t a big fan of. Some dogs will hump, others will scratch. Every dog can react differently in these situations.

The Carpet has an Interesting Scent

There’s some kind of interesting scent that your dog is trying to “dig out” from the carpet. Perhaps you accidentally spilled some food or beverage on the carpet and that’s getting your dog super curious. This one is a simple to prevent. Just make sure to vacuum the carpet regularly and keep it in good shape to stop your dog from scratching further.

Your Dog is in Pain

If the carpet scratching behavior is uncharacteristic of your dog then perhaps he has some kind of underlying health problem. Dogs can scratch or dig at the floor when they are in pain. You will want to observe your dog carefully and make sure he is not exhibiting any other concerning symptoms while he is scratching or digging the carpet.

Your Dog is Marking his Territory

There is also a possibility that your dog is scratching the carpet because he wants to mark his territory. Ground-scratching is an innate behavior of dogs to notify other dogs of their presence. The possibility of this is stronger if your dog has previously urinated on the carpet.

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