Top 3 Reasons Why Dog is Always Itchy & Scratching but has No Fleas

You’ve checked that your dog doesn’t have fleas yet he is still scratching himself like crazy. What might be making your dog feel so itchy? Here are some other common causes of compulsive scratching.

1. Your Dog Has Allergies

This could be food or environmental allergies. One common symptom of allergic reactions is the appearance of redness on the dog’s skin. They are uncomfortable and the dog won’t be able to resist scratching the itchy parts of his body. It can be difficult to narrow down the specific type of allergy your dog is affected by. A trip to the vet may help answer that after an intradermal skin test is performed.

Aside from the scratching, other common symptoms of allergic reactions include sneezing, swelling, and constant licking. Take your dog to the vet as soon as you start noticing a combination of worrying symptoms.

2. Your Dog Has Skin Disease

Dogs could be affected by a variety of skin diseases including yeast infection, folliculitis, and impetigo. Many of these skin infections will cause itchiness around the body. Vets may ask you certain types of information to be able to accurately diagnose what your dog is affected by. These questions may include any recent changes to your dog’s diet, the occasions when you notice the symptoms, and the types of symptoms observed.

3. You Are Washing Your Dog Too Often

Some dogs have sensitive skin. Washing their body too frequently may lead to the constant scratching. Bathing may strip out essential oils from the dog’s skin. Over time, the dog’s skin can become dry and irritated if it doesn’t have enough time to replenish the skin oil.

The type of dog shampoo you are using might also not be the right fit for your dog’s skin. Shampoo allergy is a thing. Pet shampoo may contain chemicals that irritate the dog’s body. These chemicals may include Benzyl alcohol, colorants, and coal tar. Switching to an appropriate dog shampoo product may immediately stop the constant scratching and itchiness.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Rose Chiarulli | 26/03/2020

    My dog is always itchy. Can I give him children allergy relief medicine?

  • Carolyn Johnson | 12/03/2021

    my dog scratches constantly but has no fleas, he is a chiweenie, has short hair, he gets bathed every two to three weeks. We live on a farm and he likes to wander around. Any suggestions?

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