Why Your Dog Loves to Always Sit on Your Lap

Dog Lap

Some dogs, regardless of size and breed, love to sit on their owner’s lap when such a chance arises. It’s a harmless behavior that many dog owners find cute, but at the same time, are curious about. Here are the most common reasons why.

Dog’s Expression of Love

The behavior of sitting on your lap might simply be an act of love. Your dog loves to be around you and he might find no better place to chill than to sit on your lap.

Dog Wants Your Attention

Your dog might be sitting on your lap because he wants your attention. This would be obvious if you haven’t been giving your dog as much attention as you should have. The dog may have learned over time that he is able to get a reaction from you if he sits on your lap.

Dog is Guarding You

The behavior might also be due to a dog’s instinct to protect members of their pack. The lap might provide a great vantage point for dogs to keep an eye on their surroundings. A sudden development of this behavior might happen when your dog is anxious or stressed so check that there isn’t anything that could be putting your dog on guard.

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