Why Your Dog Likes to Sleep Next to You Under the Bed Cover

Dog Under Bed Cover

Does your dog have a strange but cute habit of sleeping next to you under the bed cover? Here are some of the most common reasons that may explain this behavior.

The Bed Cover is Like a Den

Your dog might like sleeping under the cover because it feels like a den. The space underneath could feel warm, secure, and safe for your pet. The dog also has an added bonus of sleeping next to his most favorite person in the world. Much like the effects of a thunder jacket, the gentle pressure and snuggly feeling provided by the blanket may also provide some relief for an anxious dog.

Dogs like Companionship

Dogs are packed animals so they love being in the company of others. It’s part of their natural instincts to stay together with other pack members. It would be no surprise for a dog to want to stay as close as possible to their owners during situations (such as sleeping) that can lead to more vulnerabilities. They might also like the fact that the blanket smells heavily of their owners, which may bring added comfort.

While there isn’t much wrong with having your dog sleep under the bed cover, it’s probably in your best interest to have him sleep elsewhere. A lot of dogs will gradually find the space underneath the bed cover to be too warm so they may wake up after a couple of hours to find a cooler spot to sleep in.

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