Dog Sleeps on Your Shoes (Even Smelly Ones) – Top 3 Reasons Why

You may have noticed that your dog loves to sleep on your shoes, even those shoes that might be a little bit smelly from sweat or normal wear and tear. There are many different reasons why your dog is choosing your shoes to sleep on as opposed to the floor or their comfortable fleece-lined bed. If your dog has been sleeping on your shoes lately, below are some of the most common reasons for this behavior and what it really means when your pup does this.

1. The Scent that Comes from the Shoe

The scent that comes from the shoe is your scent and this is very comforting for the dog. When you are not around your dog might go into your room and lay on your shoes as a way to comfort himself while you’re gone. Dogs are very sensitive to smells so anything that smells like you as the owner is something the dog will gravitate towards. You might notice this with your shoes or notice this with other items you own, such as a shirt or your socks. Shoe smells are some of the most common that dogs will go after.

Your shoes both smell and taste like you, which makes your dog feel secure and safe. There is also the fact that shoes have smells on them from everywhere you’ve been. The dog might love the earthy smell of the shoes if you were out in the garden or out hiking in them. All of the places you go leaves a scent on the sides and bottom of your shoes, and many dogs love that about shoes.

Leather shoes also give off a “natural” smell that many dogs love, so if you own leather shoes or plan to get them then you should be aware of that (and potential chewing consequences). The leather shoes tend to hold in smells, including of the natural leather, and dogs find this smell to be appealing.

2. Your Shoes May Feel Comfortable to Lie On

Your dog might just decide to sleep on your shoes because they are comfortable to lay on. Shoes are often close to the floor so it’s a good height for your dog if they want to take a quick nap. Not only are shoes low to the ground which is perfect for most dogs, they also could really be comfortable.

If you have leather shoes or shoes that are made of lightweight materials, your dog might see them as just as comfortable as a pillow. Sometimes your dog might want to sleep on your shoes because they are comfortable in terms of having high sides and providing some protection to your pet. This is especially true if you own a small dog that can snuggle up in between the shoes.

3. Shoe Rack Might be the Coolest Area in the House

During the hot summer months, the area in your house where the shoes are also might be the coolest area in your house. If you have a shoe rack, you probably have noticed that you placed it in one of the coolest areas of your home. For your dog, the shoe rack is a place where they can go to get relief from the heat of the summer months. Whether it be near the front door or maybe in your room tucked inside your closet, where your shoes are located can often be the coolest areas of the home.

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