Why Your Dog Sneezes and Snorts When You Pet Him

Petting a Dog

Does your dog have a strange tendency to sneeze or snort whenever you pet him? This could be explained by a number of causes, some of which might be behavioral while others might be related to health or medical reasons. What’s most important is that if you notice any concerning symptoms with your dog aside from the sneezing then you should most definitely call the vet for advice.

Your Dog is Play Sneezing

Many dog owners notice that dogs have a tendency to sneeze whenever they play or get excited about something. This might be the case when you are petting him. The dog might be excited by the fact that he’s getting attention so this leads to a harmless sneeze or snort.

While it may sound strange, dog experts believe that sneezing is actually a form of communication among dogs and it may be used to signal a number of things, such as cooperation, an invitation to play, or even as a warning. In this scenario, it’s likely that your dog is sneezing as a signal to play whenever you pet him.

There is an Irritating Smell

Did you spray cologne or fragrance? Or recently switched to a new type of body soap? There might be a scent on your hand that your dog finds slightly irritating. Dogs can have allergies as well, some of which may appear due to strong cologne. See if your dog stops sneezing if you don’t apply some form of fragrance to your body.

Triggered by Certain Body Positions

Some dogs may sneeze if they are in a certain body position, such as when they are on their back. It may have something to do with their nasal cavity draining a lot easier while they are on their back so the dripping fluid triggers the sneeze. If your dog positions himself in a certain way whenever you pet him then this could potentially be a factor.

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