3 Reasons Why Your Dog Keeps Sniffing the Ground or Air

Dog Sniffing

Do you have a dog that’s almost like a detective because he likes to constantly sniff the ground or air wherever he goes? Is it a concern if your dog is sniffing too much? Here are the most common reasons for this dog behavior.

Sniffing Could be a Sign of Nervousness

If you see your dog sniffing the ground a lot and he is also pacing around then this could be a sign of nervousness. They may have heard or seen something unusual, both in and out of the house, so they are sniffing to figure out the identity of the unknown.

A nervous dog may also display other signs like flattened ears, tucked tail behind the hind legs, and yawning. Sniffing is one of several things that dogs may do to avoid the stressful situation. For example, your dog might start sniffing the ground while they are in the dog park if they haven’t been properly socialized yet.

Your Dog Likes to Investigate

Dogs are naturally curious animals and they like to investigate their surroundings with their nose since their sense of smell is so powerful. If they are sniffing around the room or sniffing certain areas as they are taken out for a walk then they could be trying to find the source of a certain smell.

Your Dog Smells a Body Change

What if your dog is sniffing you constantly? Are they sniffing certain parts of your body? This could be due to the fact that dogs are able to sniff certain changes in the body. For example, studies have shown that dogs are able to sniff out medical conditions like cancer and even low blood sugar levels.

Should I Stop My Dog from Constantly Sniffing?

No, let your dog be. Sniffing is an important part of a dog’s wellness and it may cause him stress if you try to prevent the dog from doing something that’s natural behavior for him. That’s why dog toys, such as snuffle mats, offer great mental exercises for dogs. You may find that such exercises work really well for dogs with separation anxiety.

The one situation when you may want to control your dog’s sniffing is when he does it excessively to your guests. One way to handle this situation is to let your dog sniff the guest’s hands once or twice then train him to remain calm after (make sure to give plenty of praises and treats). Eventually, your dog will stop sniffing your guests so much.

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  1. Mrs Susan Norris October 18, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    My dog is sniffing my skirting boards and trying to scratch my carpet. It’s stressing me out. Why’s he doing it?

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