Why your Dog is Sniffing You More Than Usual

Dogs rely strongly on their sense of smell in order to interpret the world around them so it can be a strange feeling if your dog starts to sniff you more than usual. Here are a few reasons that may explain why they do this to you.

Dog Senses a Change in Your Body

A dog’s sense of smell is so powerful that they can sense subtle changes in your body. One study from 2006, for example, found that dogs were able to detect cancer based on breath samples. If your dog is sniffing you more often than usual then perhaps it’s due to some form of medical condition or changes in your body (not always bad ones). This is more likely if your dog likes to sniff the same part of your body.

You Are introducing a Whole Range of New Smell

Dogs might sniff you more than usual if you are bringing in a whole range of smell your dog never knew of before. This, for example, might happen if you are coming back from an outdoor park where all sorts of scent may have latched onto your clothes.

The sniffing behavior could be also a result of something as simple as a change in hand soap in the office bathroom or due to you petting a friend’s dog. In most cases, there shouldn’t be much to worry about as long as your dog isn’t sniffing you aggressively or excessively.

Sense of Smell Weakens As Dogs Age

Last but not least, you might feel your dog is starting to sniff you more than usual due to his sense of smell getting weaker. This, unfortunately, can happen as a dog gets older. Sensory decline means a dog may need to sniff more excessively in order to interpret what and where the smell is coming from.

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