Why Your Dog Stares at You in a Creepy Way

Dog Staring

Does your dog unsettle you occasionally by staring at you in a creepy way? It’s highly unlikely that your dog intended it to be interpreted that way. Here are some reasons that may explain this strange behavior, most of which there isn’t anything to worry about.

Dog Wants Something from You

The dog could be staring at you prolongingly in a creepy way because he wants something from you. That could be a treat, toy, or even attention. Perhaps there is something that’s part of the dog’s daily routine you forgot about and haven’t done yet.

Note down how often your dog stares at you in a “creepy” way and you might start to notice a pattern of when your dog has a tendency to do this.

Dog is Curious About Something

You might be doing something new or different your dog hasn’t observed before. Your dog might simply be curious about this and staring at you with his big round eyes in order to process as much information as possible.

Signs of Imminent Aggression

This would be rare, especially if it’s happening with your own dog, but it’s possible that staring without much blinking could be a sign of imminent aggression. You may want to check for other body languages that would suggest the same thing, such as a raised tail and forward-pointed ears.

In such cases, it’s important to not stare back at the dog. You should also take note of your own body language and make sure you aren’t being viewed as a threat.

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