3 Reasons Why Your Dog Steals Your Seat When You Get Up

Dog Sitting Sofa

Does your dog have a strange tendency of stealing your seat soon after you get up? Does the dog see himself as the alpha? Or is the seat nice and comfortable soon after you get up? Here are the most common reasons for this behavior.

Enjoying Your Scent and Warmth

Dogs have a tendency to feel relaxed and comfortable around your scent, which also explains why you may often see your dog next to your clothes and bed while you are away from home.

It’s not just your scent that’s embedded to the seat, it might also be the warmth left behind that your dog absolutely enjoys. There’s not much to be concerned about as long as your dog doesn’t become aggressive and gives way when you want the seat back.

Your Dog is Playing a Game

Stealing your seat might even be a fun game for your dog. You might have unwittingly conditioned your dog to ‘steal’ your seat because he knows it will get your attention. You might have found it cute and gave him praises and hugs every time he did this, which is the reason why he is attempting to take your seat every time you get up.

It’s Not About Dominance

You may have come across some information that this behavior has all to do with dominance and becoming an alpha dog. This is highly, highly unlikely, especially for a domesticated dog. Taking your spot may look like he is trying to show who is boss in the household, but in all likelihood, your dog is finding some sense of security and comfort as he lies down on your seat.

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