3 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Chewing the Carpet

Is your dog causing havoc at home by constantly chewing on the carpet and other household furniture items? Unfortunately, signs of destructive chewing may be due to a number of behavioral and physical health reasons. Here are some ways to stop your dog from chewing the carpet.

Your Dog is Bored and Stressed

Destructive chewing is often caused by a stressed and anxious dog. If your dog isn’t getting enough physical and mental exercise throughout the day then they will try to find another outlet to release their energy and stress. Aside from dog toys, the next viable object they might start to chew and destroy is the carpet.

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and socialization experiences throughout the day if you know they aren’t getting enough. Try to spread the exercise time out as well. It won’t work if your dog has one big exercise in the morning and has nothing to do for the rest of the day.

The Redirection Method

Is the chewing caused by a puppy? Young dogs may not know better as they are still very much in the development stage so you may need to employ the redirection method to teach your dog that there are better things to chew than the carpet.

This method will require careful observation. First, you need to be there at the moment when your dog starts to chew the carpet. When you catch them chewing, give an affirmative command like “No” (but with a positive tone) then hand them a chew toy. When the puppy starts to chew the toy, give him plenty of praises and a treat for the first few times.

The puppy will eventually understand that it’s good behavior to use the chew toy and not the carpet as an outlet for his natural chewing behavior.

Deter the Dog with Smelly Odor

Another method is to spray the carpet with a natural deterrent which dogs don’t like. You can try a no-chew spray like the Bitter Yuck! to discourage your dog from chewing on the carpet. These sprays used water-based formula containing ingredients like citric acid to deter the dogs.

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