Top 3 Reasons Why Dogs Chew Your Shoes and Socks

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Is your dog driving you crazy by chewing your socks and shoes whenever he sees them in sight? Here are the most common reasons why dogs may chew your shoes and socks in addition to methods to stop this bad behavior.

1. Your dog is bored

Chewing is one way for dogs to relieve their boredom and anxiety. Shoes and socks happen to be made of materials that are perfect for dogs to chew. Boredom also tends to be the biggest non-health reasons for dogs that engage in destructive chewing.

Are you not giving your dog enough attention? Your dog may have also “learned” that biting shoes and socks will cause a reaction from you. You unintentionally reinforced this behavior through your reaction. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical and mental stimulation if boredom is the reason for this destructive chewing behavior.

Shoe torn apart by a dog

2. Your dog is teething

This will happen for puppies. Young dogs go through a teething period when they are a few weeks old. During this period, they will find anything they can their mouth out to relieve the discomfort felt in the gums and teeth.

You will need to redirect your dog’s attention to other chew toys until the teething period is complete. You have a number of options for puppies. It could be a classic such as Nylabones or something more interactive like puzzle boys.

3. Your dog finds comfort in the shoe smell

You dog might just find comfort in the “stinky” smell of shoes and socks. When you are away for an extended period of time, your dog might something at home that has your scent. Nothing beats a good shoe you have worn for a long time and all the sweat that may have accumulated inside.

How to stop dogs from chewing shoes and socks

Destructive chewing is something you need to stop your dog from doing as soon as possible. Scolding and punishing isn’t the answer to stop a dog from chewing shoes and socks. Here are some appropriate methods you can follow instead. The success of these methods will depend on what’s causing the chewing behavior in the first place.

Store your shoes and socks away

The easiest option is to keep your shoes and socks out of your dog’s reach. Store them somewhere appropriate such as a shoe cabinet. Make sure there are plenty of other appropriate objects for the dog to chew or bite on.

Tire him out

Is boredom causing the chewing behavior? You might not be giving your dog enough exercise and attention. There is no better way to reduce a bored dog’s “bad” behaviors than to tire them out. Extend the dog’s walk or try using fun toys such as flirt poles.

Offer plenty of chew alternatives

Chewing is a normal behavior for dogs. Make sure there are plenty of safe objects for the dog to chew on. The object should be large and durable enough so that the dog won’t accidentally swallow it or break it into smaller pieces.

Scent reminders in dog beds

Eating grass isn’t necessarily a harmful behavior unless the dog does it excessively. It could be caused by a mix of health and psychological issues.


  • Edward Weeks | 26/01/2021

    Hello, I have done everything that y’all suggested. The wife has bought all kinds of chew toys, chew bones, and chew ropes. Reggie is like a snake in the grass just waiting for me to remove my shoes. He is quiet as as a mouse. No, there is no spanking. We love the dog too much for that but we have done everything now. If I raise my voice, he will run outside but then he is right back at again. I am running out of ideas.

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