Why Your Dog is Suddenly Hiding in the Closet

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Has there recently been occasions when your frantically search for your dog only to find him hiding in the closet? While this behavior is common among dogs, it’s important to diagnose the cause quickly as there could be something that’s stressing your dog out. Here are the most common reasons for dogs that hide in closets.

1. Your Dog is Scared of Loud Noises

Some dogs like to find a contained space in the event of loud noises. There may, for example, be fireworks or a thunderstorm in the vicinity. If you find that your dog is hiding in the closet as a result of these occasional noises then there is probably nothing to worry about. You may, however, want to train your dog to be in a more accessible place, such as his crate, in this kind of event.

2. Your Dog is Getting Depressed

Dogs can also succumb to depression. We don’t know if dogs feel depression the same way we do but we do know that dogs can feel down in periods of change. Your dog could be spending more time in dark, enclosed spaces such as the closet due to events like moving houses, the introduction or loss of a member in the household, or even from the introduction of another pet.

3. Your Dog Has a Health Problem

Dogs may prefer to be in a safe, enclosed space if they are having health issues. In addition to hiding in the closet, you may have also noticed your dog becoming less active, reducing his appetite, or having toilet-related problems. We strongly suggest calling the vet if you notice anything indifferent about your dog’s behavior.

4. He Might Just like the Closet Space

In some cases, there might be nothing wrong with your dog. He might have just decided to make the closet his “den”. This is likely to be the case if you know there’s no health issues with your dog and his personality remains cheerful and happy. During the summer time, the dog might also prefer the dark closet space because it’s cooler than other areas of the house.


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