4 Reasons Why Your Dog Likes to Hide Under the Bed

Dog Under Bed

Does your dog like to squeeze into tight spaces such as the space under your bed? It’s a harmless behavior but something that might get you worried since it could be an indication of a bigger problem. Here are some common reasons why dogs like to hide under the bed.

1. Provides a Cool Environment
The space under the bed could provide a great cooling spot for your dog during a hot summer night. You might also have a carpet floor underneath the bed that isn’t as worn down so it could simply be a case of the area underneath the bed being a more comfortable place for your dog to rest in.

2. Anxiety and Fear
This tends to be a common reason for dogs that suddenly hide under the bed. There’s something that’s scaring the dog and she needs some time in a safe space to make sure everything is okay.

Pay close attention to your dog the next couple of days and try and identify the potential cause of the bed-hiding behavior. It could be something beyond your control (e.g. sound of fireworks) or something that you are doing (e.g. running the vacuum cleaner) that’s unintentionally scaring the dog.

3. Your Dog is Sick
Your dog is sick or injured so she naturally goes to a safe spot where she feels the least vulnerable. If you aren’t able to identify any fear-induced causes then take your dog to the vet. The space underneath the bed isn’t an ideal place for a sick dog to be in because it’s difficult for you to access.

4. There’s No Alternative Spot
There’s no alternative spot in the house where your dog feels comfortable resting in. You have tried to crate-train your dog but she simply refuses to go inside.

Make the crate a more appealing resting spot by placing your dog’s favorite toys and blankets inside. You can also place the crate next to the bed and gradually make the crate the primary resting spot through positive reinforcement and positive association.

How to Get Your Dog Out from Under the Bed

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no real harm to this behavior so let it be if your dog is only hiding under the bed every once in a while. You may, however, need to evaluate the situation if it’s a regular occurrence.

The space underneath the bed isn’t easy to access so that can create problems if you find yourself in a major emergency (e.g fire) and you need to leave your house as soon as possible. The regular occurrence of bed-hiding behaviors may also indicate a major issue with your dog. A trip to the vet is definitely warranted if your dog shows any sign of discomfort or fear.

The important thing we want to highlight is to not force your dog out, especially if your dog is in a vulnerable state. Instead, just leave your dog alone and wait till she eventually comes out. Give the dog a treat and plenty of praises once she made her way out.

You can also box up the space underneath the bed to prevent your dog from entering in the future. Make sure you provide an alternative resting spot before you block out the bed space.

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