Why Your Dog Walks in Circles While Pooping

Does your dog have a concerning habit of walking in circles while taking a poop? Is it health-related problems that is causing him to poop uncomfortably or is it just some strange ritual your dog likes to partake in? Here are the most common reasons for dogs that walk in circles while pooping.

He is Clearing the Way for a Comfortable Poop

If your dog is walking in circles just before taking a poop then it might just be a case of the dog making sure the area is clean and clear enough for the dog to poop. He may be stomping the ground while walking in circles, especially if it is a grassy area, so that the poop can be seen more prominently.

As funny as it sounds, pooping could be a form of communication for dogs. Think of it as a dog’s version of social media. They want their poop to be visible so other dogs can take a sniff and see what your dog has been up to. If it’s pretty clear that your dog is walking in circles because he wants the poop to be out in the open then this behavior isn’t something to be necessarily concerned about.

Dogs like to Align Themselves to Earth’s Magnetic Fields

Researchers apparently found that dogs like to use the earth’s magnetic field to align their bowel movements. If your dog is walking in circles then it might be a case of dog trying to relieve himself along a north-south axis. The researchers mention the reason for this isn’t clear but it’s pretty cool that dogs are potentially able to act based on earth’s orientation.

Your Dog has Health Issues

Is your dog showing anything concerning while he tries to poop or is there issues with the poop itself? If your dog, for example, is having diarrhea or he is making a hurting sound while relieving himself then you should call the vet as there could be a possibility of an illness.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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