Boston Terriers – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners

Boston Terrier

Boston terriers are small-sized dogs with a friendly and bright temperament. Here are some things to consider for single owners who are looking to get a Boston terrier.

Pros of Owning a Boston Terrier

They shed infrequently and don’t require professional grooming on a frequent basis. A weekly brushing session with a soft-bristle brush should be enough to keep their sleek coat in healthy shape.

Boston Terriers are relatively easy to train as they are the type of dogs that are eager to please. Their outgoing personality makes them a great companion for single owners.

They are great with people and can be friendly with strangers. This might be important for Boston terrier owners who need to get a dog sitter or dog walker every once in a while.

Cons of Owning a Boston Terrier

Like most dogs, they can start to show undesirable behaviors (e.g. chewing at wall) when left alone for a long time. At minimum, a Boston terrier will need an owner who can do at least one or two brisk walks a day.

As a flat-faced dog, Boston terriers may start to experience breathing difficulties when they are not given enough protection from high heat and humidity.

Their prominent, protruding eyes make them prone to a number of eye conditions like cataracts and cherry eyes. You may need to visit the vet to get your dogs some antibiotic eye drops.

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