Bulldogs – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners


Bulldogs are flat-face dogs with a friendly and calm personality. Here is a list of pros and cons for single dog owners who are interested in getting a bulldog.

Pros of Owning a Bulldog

They are a part of the non-sporting dog breed. They like short walks. They may not be able to stay outdoors for an extended period of time due to the breathing difficulty they have in hot and humid conditions. This could be ideal for single owners with relatively long working hours.

They can get along with other animals. This could prove useful for dog owners who want to take their bulldogs to places such as dog parks where there are plenty of other animals to socialize with.

Bulldogs don’t require a lot of space. This bodes well for single dog owners who live in small-sized apartments. It’s not an uncommon sight to see bulldogs take a snooze throughout the day.

Cons of Owning a Bulldog

Their average life expectancy is shorter than other dog breeds. On average, a bulldog could live for around eight to ten years.

Some bulldogs can be very stubborn. This could make them a bit more difficult to house-train. Be sure to reward them with plenty of praises and treats when they learn a command.

Bulldogs are curious animals and love to chew. You need to teach them the release command so they immediately let go of any object that’s in their mouth.

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