Manchester Terriers – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners

Manchester Terrier

Manchester terriers are dogs with a spirited and observant personality. They are also known to be loyal to their owners. Here are some pros and cons for single owners thinking of getting a Manchester terrier.

Pros of Owning a Manchester Terrier

Manchester terriers are relatively easy to maintain as far as grooming is concerned. They need the occasional bath and nail trimming to keep their coat and feet in healthy shape.

They are fairly easy to train, especially if the training is conducted at an early age. Manchester terriers are intelligent dogs and enjoy pleasing their owners.

Manchester terriers are considered hypoallergenic dogs, especially because they don’t produce as much dander as other dog breeds. This works well for owners with major allergies.

Cons of Owning a Manchester Terrier

They need a decent amount of exercise as they are active, athletic dogs. Single dog owners should look to provide their dogs a few walks daily to maintain their mental and physical condition. This could prove problematic for owners who work long hours every day.

They can be reserved with other people and animals. This may cause some initial concerns if you are looking to bring your Manchester terrier to dog parks.

They do not make good outdoor dogs for people who live in areas with cold climate. They don’t get much protection from their fairly short coat.

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