Norwich Terriers – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners

Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terriers are small-sized dogs with a spirited personality. Here are some pros and cons for single dog owners who are considering a Norwich Terrier.

Pros of Owning a Norwich Terrier

They only need a moderate amount of exercise. At minimum, a brisk walk or an active playing session should be enough to fill their daily exercise quota.

They don’t shed as much as other dog breeds due to their straight, wiry coat. A weekly brushing session should be enough to keep their coat in healthy condition.

They are brave and ready for an adventure. Norwich terriers could make great companions for outdoor activities like hiking.

Cons of Owning a Norwich Terrier

They are independent dogs with an inquisitive personality. This could be problematic for single dog owners who are leaving their dog alone for an extended period of time.

They may be more difficult to house-train as Norwich terriers are known for their stubborn personality. Norwich terriers respond well to positive reinforcement training.

Norwich terriers can be prone to a number of health conditions such as liver order, eye cataracts, and hip dysplasia. Make sure you have an emergency fund ready to handle these expenses should these conditions affect your dog.

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