Otterhounds – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners


Otterhounds are large-sized dogs with even-tempered personalities. Here are some things to consider for single owners who are thinking of getting an otterhound as a pet.

Pros of Owning an Otterhound

They are enthusiastic animals. This bodes well for single owners who like to take their dogs outdoors for an adventure, such as hiking and running.

Otterhounds also have an independent mind of their own. Their whole world isn’t going to revolve around the owner. This works for single owners who aren’t looking for a needy dog.

Cons of Owning an Otterhound

Otterhounds may require more grooming and brushing compared to other dog breeds but that’ll ultimately depend on how long their coat is. Their “beard” will also need regular cleaning as the dogs have a tendency to drag them on the ground.

Otterhounds need a good mix of mental and physical exercise. This may prove problematic for single dog owners who don’t always have the time to give their dogs long walks every day.

They can be fairly sensitive animals. Otterhounds may need a lot of positive and reward-based training in order to learn important commands.

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