Yorkshire Terriers – Pros and Cons & Compatibility with Single Owners

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers, also known as Yorkies, are small-sized dogs with an affectionate personality. Here is a list of pros and cons for single dog owners thinking of getting a Yorkshire terrier.

Pros of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier

They are fairly small dogs. An adult Yorkie can reach a height of about eight inches and a body weight of around seven pounds. They may be compatible with smaller-sized apartments.

They don’t require as much exercise as other dog breeds. A reasonable walk once or twice a day should be enough to keep a Yorkie happy. Try and give a mix of mental and physical exercises.

Yorkshire terriers are not 100% hypoallergenic but they are less likely to give allergy sufferers a hard time at home. Yorkies have hair that’s similar to human hair.

Cons of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier

They shed infrequently but may still require grooming on a regular basis, especially if their coat is kept long. You’ll need to bath them at least once a week and check theirs ears for debris.

Some Yorkshire terriers can have a stubborn personality, which makes them a little more difficult to house-train. You can boost the learning process through positive training.

They can be more fragile due to their diminutive size. This means you need to take extra care when you take a Yorkie outside. They can also be sensitive to super cold temperature.

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