Best Ways to Dry a Dog Quickly After a Bath

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Is your dog having a stressful time whenever he is given a bath? Fortunately, your battle in the bathroom doesn’t have to continue. There are plenty of simple ways to dry a dog quickly without having to use a hair dryer (which can often be stressful for a dog).

Use a Hands-Free Pet Dryer

You will wonder why you didn’t come across this pet drying product sooner because drying your dog will become a piece of cake with this hands-free device. The DUZ Pet Dryer is a light-weight yet powerful device that emits gentle heat through an adjustable drying tube.

This is worth the investment if your dog typically goes through a lot of stress while in the bath. The dryer is more quiet than regular hair dryers, and you can also adjust between three fan speeds and four heating options to dry your dog with the optimal temperature.

Wrap Your Dog in an Absorbent Towel

Don’t use regular towel to dry your dog, especially if he has a lot of hair. It will take time for the regular towel to absorb all the water from the dog’s coat. Instead of a regular towel, we suggest you use a microfiber towel such as the Bone Dry DII Microfiber Dog Bath Towel.

These towels may be thinner but they do a much better job of drawing out all the water from the dog’s hair. Your dog might just wrap himself in the towel without your assistance because of how warm and comfortable it is.

Get Your Dog a Happy Hoodie

Some dogs like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies may require a high-velocity dryer to get all the water out of their coat. Unfortunately, these dryers make a lot of noise which can be a stressful experience for your dogs. One way to mitigate this is to put on a Happy Hoodie on your dog’s head.

These comfortable head accessories will muffle the dryer sound and keep your dogs in a calm state. The Happy Hoodie is also great for emergency situations like when there is a storm or firework. They come in many colors so they will fit for all types of dogs.


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