Avoid Leaving Coconut Oil on Your Dog Overnight

Coconut oil, specifically virgin coconut oil, may have certain health benefits for dogs that suffer from skin issues. According to the Healthline, the positive effects of coconut oil are likely to come from the oil’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Does that mean you can leave the coconut oil on the dog’s coat overnight? Not necessarily.

One reason to not leave coconut oil on your dog’s coat overnight is due to the effects of clogging. For humans, coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of four. This means the oil is likely to clog the pores if it’s left on the skin for too long. The same applies to a dog’s skin. Leaving the coconut oil on the dog’s coat overnight might end up doing more harm than good. Dogs with sensitive skin, for example, may start to develop skin conditions like pimples.

Leaving coconut oil on the dog’s skin overnight may also give them the opportunity to lick up a lot of the oil from their coat. Dogs that consume too much coconut oil at once may end up with temporary digestion problems like diarrhea. Our general recommendation is to not leave the coconut oil on the dog’s skin for more than ten minutes. Give the dog’s coat a thorough rinse once enough time has passed for the oil to get absorbed.

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Coconut Oil

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