Rinse the Coconut Oil Off Your Dog’s Coat

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil may offer a variety of health benefits for dogs, one of which might be to sooth irritated skin. The moisture of the coconut oil may also prevent flaking when it is applied topically. Dog owners, however, shouldn’t forget to rinse off the coconut oil a while after it is applied to the dog’s coat and fur.

Coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of four meaning it is highly likely to clog the pores on the skin. The same could apply to dogs. If the coconut oil that is applied to the dog’s coat isn’t rinsed off then this may potentially cause more harmful than good to the dog’s skin.

We wouldn’t apply coconut oil on the dog’s coat too frequently and it should only be applied in small amounts. You can try rinsing off the coconut oil with water first but if the dog’s coat still feels excessively oily or greasy then you may want to follow up with a light dog shampoo and rinse.

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