Here’s the Right Amount to Pay a Friend for Dog Sitting

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Don’t automatically assume that your friend will do dog sitting free of charge. Some friends may have no expectations of being paid but most will take it as an appreciative gesture if you at least cover any expenses they incur while taking care of your pet. If your friend does have expectations of being paid then you may want to consider the following factors to come up with a suitable amount.

The Local Going Rate

Our first suggestion is to find out what the local rate is for dog sitting. Pet sitting apps should give you a good baseline of the amount paid to dog sitters, whether that’s hourly or daily.

The Amount of Travel Required

Will your friend need to travel to your house to dog sit or will you take your dog to your friend’s place? Travel expenses should also be accounted for when you consider how much you need to pay a friend for dog sitting.

Toys and Supplies

Will you be providing your friend all the necessary supplies required to take care of the dog or will they need to source their own? Generally speaking, dog owners should take on this responsibility. You wouldn’t want your friend buying the wrong type of dog food and toys.

Amount of Attention the Dog Requires

How much attention does the dog require? For example, do you have a senior dog or puppy that requires more hands-on care? Is the dog able to chill on his own for a little while or is he the type that requires attention for every minute of his life? Consider paying a bit more if the dog requires greater attention from the dog sitter.

Of course, all of the above might not even matter if you have a close relationship with the said friend. In such cases, you should be able to simply ask how much they think is a reasonable amount and go from there. If they don’t accept any payment then at least prepare a gift or token of appreciation once the dog sitting is over! They are taking care of your best friend / family after all.


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