What to Do if You Don’t Want Your Dog Anymore

Dog Staring

Whatever the reason may be for not wanting your dog anymore, it’s your responsibility as the dog owner to give your pet the best possible outcome from this unfortunate situation. Dogs aren’t just things to give away as you please. They are living companions and if you can’t commit to giving them proper care then you need to find someone that can.

Make Sure You are 100% Certain

The first step is to make sure you are 100% certain about this decision. Review your reasonings for not wanting your dog anymore and see if there is any way to resolve them. Is it because of behavioral issues such as excessive barking? Contact a dog behaviorist or trainer and see if you can work on a plan which will set your dog and yourself up for long term success.

Is it because you are moving and you can’t find pet-friendly housing? Make sure that truly is the case. Aside from contacting as many home and apartment listings as you can, be sure to contact local animal shelters and organizations as they may potentially have useful information around pet-friendly housing. Perhaps you can also work out a better deal with prospective landlords if they are partially apprehensive about having pets.

Contact Friends and Families

Sometimes, there are valid reasons for needing to give your dog away. In such cases, the first people you should contact are friends and families. Check if any of them might have an interest in taking your pet. Don’t just give your dog to anyone though. Make sure they have your pet in their best interest and they are in a living situation that will allow them to care for a dog without any issues.

Contact Animal Shelters

If there are no takers among friends and families then try contacting local animal shelters and rescues. Many of these non-profit organizations will have re-home programs that will match your dog with suitable pet owners. When contacting these organizations, please be absolutely sure that they have a no-kill policy. You will know which are the more reputable organizations by observing things like the amount of effort they put into adoption campaigns and how thorough they are with adoption or fostering procedures.

Contact the Breeder

Did you adopt the dog from a breeder? It won’t always be the case but some of them may be willing to take their dog back, especially if they are reputable breeders. Unfortunately, this option won’t be available if the dog came from a pet store.

As you can see, there are many options available if you are in situation where you don’t want your dog anymore. Whatever happens, please don’t be like some of the evil individuals out there who throw away their pets as if they are rubbish. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances when pets have been found dumped in bins and boxes. Your dog deserves more than that.

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