How to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Car Seats & Car Carpets

Struggling to get rid of all the dog hair that accumulates on the car seats and car carpets? Here are some simple cleaning tips for dog owners who like to take their furry pal for a ride.

Get Rid of Dog Hair from Car Seats

Unfortunately, handheld vacuum cleaners don’t always do a good job of sucking in the dog hair that accumulates on car seats. Here are some DIY methods you can try.

1. Grab a Rubber Brush
Pick up a rubber brush, such as the Zoom Groom, that’s specifically designed for pet hair. You can also use the brush to get rid of loose hair on your dog’s coat. Make sure the rubber brush is designed to handle your dog’s hair length. The Zoom Groom, for example, is better suited for short-haired dogs.

2. Use Disposable Latex Gloves
Put on some thick rubber gloves then gently rub the gloves over the surface of the car seat. The friction generated from the rubbing movement will get the dog hair to stick to the rubber glove.

3. Use Duct Tape
Wrap some duct tape around your hand with the sticky-side facing outwards. Gently swat the car seat with the duct tape until the tape is covered with dog hair.

4. Use a Pumice Stone
Many auto detailers mention that pumice stones are an essential tool for removing hair. Gently scrape the car seat with the pumice stone until the dog hair is all scraped to one side. If your car seat is made of delicate fabric then we would recommend testing it out on a small surface first.

5. Get a Car Seat Protector
You can avoid the hassle of cleaning your car seats by getting a car seat protector such as the WINNER OUTFITTERS. This is a must-have accessory for dog owners who take their pet for a ride every day. Most car-seat protectors are also water-proof and scratch-resistant.

Get Rid of Dog Hair from Car Carpets

Most of the above methods will also help you get rid of dog hair from the car carpets. Here are some additional methods to consider.

1. Use a Rubber Broom
The same concept as a rubber brush except the broom can cover more in a shorter amount of time. Check out brooms like the Evriholder FURemover, which can sweep up dog hair from many types of surfaces including car carpets and tiles.

2. Use a De-shedding Comb
De-shedding combs may work well for car carpets because the short teeth of the comb can easily glide through the carpet surface without getting stuck. Use a vacuum to get rid of the dog hair once the hair has been all combed to one side of the car carpet.

As you can see, a trip to the car cleaner isn’t necessary for people who are looking to get rid of dog hair in their car. Watch the magic unfold as you use any one of these cheap methods to get rid of the dog hair.

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