Quick Ways to Dry a Golden Retriever After a Bath

Are you having a difficult time drying your golden retriever after a bath because the dog is either getting restless and stressed from the dryer noise or it’s simply taking too much time? Here are some tips to speed up the process.

High-Velocity Dryer + Happy Hoodie Combo

The fastest and most-efficient way of drying a golden retriever is by using a high velocity dryer. These types of dryers, such as the shernbao Pet Grooming Dryer, have the motor to generate powerful dry air that will leave your Golden’s coat in smooth condition. If done correctly, you won’t spend more than twenty minutes to dry the golden retriever’s coat.

Some dogs, however, may not like the sound generated by a high-velocity dryer. A lot of golden retrievers will get scared by the noise and become restless, which makes it even more difficult for you to dry the dog’s hair. This is where a Happy Hoodie comes in really handy.

These comfortable head bands will muffle out the noise generated by the high-velocity dryer. You will be surprised by how calm your dog becomes immediately after putting a happy hoodie on.

Use a Micro-Fiber Towel

In addition to using a high-velocity dryer, you should also have a high-quality microfiber towel as part of your dog grooming kit. Microfiber towels are generally thinner than regular towels but do a better job of absorbing water from your dog’s hair.

Your golden retriever will love the fluffiness of the microfiber towel and may even demand you to dry them with it. Find a microfiber towel that can machine-washed for easy maintenance.

How Often Do Golden Retrievers Need to Bathed?

Golden retrievers are dog breeds that require regular grooming and maintenance. The most active dogs will need to be bathed at least once a week to maintain a healthy skin and coat. This can be problematic for dog owners as it takes a long time to bathe and dry a golden retriever, which is why we recommend you to use the two methods above.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Gayl | 16/02/2022

    I brush my golden retriever before a bath, I comb him during the bath and of course while I’m blow drying him. My problem is how do I deal with the amount of hair that is blown out of his coat when I’m blowdrying him. My laundry rooms ends up being a hairy mess after his baths. I was just wondering how can I contain all the hair. Thank you

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