Quickest Ways to Get Dog Hair Off the Couch & Furniture

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It’s so annoying when you suddenly realize that your couch is actually full of dog hair. And, in most cases, because you did not see it before you sat down, it’s already on your shirt and your jeans. Now, you have to spend a good amount of time getting the fine strands of hair off (you’d make an effort especially if you have a black shirt on). What’s the quickest and best way to get dog hair off the couch?

Understand Shedding First

Before anything else, you need to understand how a dog sheds. Mostly, it will depend on the weather or temperature. When it is hot (summertime), dogs shed their thicker coats to make way for finer hair that isn’t too warm. Then, as the fall or winter season nears, the finer coat is shed off, to be replaced by a thicker one.

Dogs with thicker coats (or double coats) will seem to shed more. On the other hand, if your dog has shorter strands of hair, it makes shedding less obvious for him. Despite this, it’s a fact that dogs shed all-year-round. So, it is a normal process. That may be problematic for you, especially if you don’t like seeing dog hair all over your furniture, but there are solutions to this.

The Best Ways to Get Dog Hair Off the Couch and Furniture

Don’t worry because you don’t have to deal with your dog’s shedding much longer. To get dog hair off the couch and all your other furniture, you can make use of the following practical means which are quick and easy to do:

Use a dry sponge
It doesn’t have to be any special kind of sponge. The kind you use for your kitchen will do as long as it is dry. Run it over the couch or any other surface with dog hair.

You can also try a rubber glove
Wear it on one hand and then rub it over your couch with dog hair. Because of the friction, the hairs will ball up, making it easier for you to gather and discard them.

Fabric softener sheets
Take one sheet and run it over your pet’s coat. The sheet is going to attract hair, thus making grooming easier.

DIY lint roller
Lint rollers are, perhaps, one of the best ways to get dog hair off your couch and your clothes, but their replacement sheets do not come cheap. Try wrapping some packaging tape in a circle with the sticky side out. It’ll do the trick just as well.

How Do You Control Dog Hair in the House?

Now, let’s move on to the rest of your house. How can you get rid of all the dog hair on your carpet, rugs or upholstery? Vacuuming alone won’t cut it. Take a spritzer bottle and add about a tablespoon of fabric softener. Then, fill the bottle with water. Spray it on your carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Let it soak for five minutes. After, that’s when you go in with the vacuum.

Is My Pet Alright Even Though He Is Shedding Like Crazy?

As mentioned, shedding is a dog’s natural process. As long as your dog is active and eating and drinking enough water, you have nothing to worry about. However, you should visit your vet immediately when your dog is shedding like crazy with bald spots forming, weak, and has little to no appetite. The excessive shedding might be because of an underlying disease.

Your dog’s vet will be the best person to identify why your dog is forming bald spots. It could be malnutrition, mange, parasitic infestation, or even stress.

Disclaimer: The content on MyPetChild.com is for informational purpose only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian when in doubt.

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