Fastest Way to Save Hardwood Floor Soaked with Dog Urine

Hardwood Floor

A fast response is important to save hardwood floors that get soaked with dog urine. Otherwise, you may end up with a stained floor that smells of bad ammonia. Here are the immediate steps to take in order to keep your hardwood floor clear of dog urine.

First, wipe away the puddle of dog urine. Next, use an absorbent cloth to blot away the remaining wetness on the hardwood floor. This is an important step to prevent stains so put as much care as you can with the blotting step.

If you don’t have a urine cleaner at hand then hydrogen peroxide (3%) could be a suitable alternative. Soak an old rag with the diluted hydrogen peroxide solution and let the rag sit on the wet area for a few hours. This should help with eliminating some of the urine stains and odor. Once a few hours have passed, wipe the hydrogen peroxide area with a clean dry cloth.

Accidents will always happen in a dog household so we would suggest buying a pet-specific enzyme cleaner ahead of time so that you are prepared for the next urine accident. Check out cleaning products like the Rocco & Roxie odor eliminator. These products are safe for use on hardwood floors because they use natural enzymes to eliminate the urine stains.

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