How to Tell if Your House Smells Like Dog

Dog Smell

Anyone can become oblivious to the smell of their home once they have lived in it for a period of time. This also applies to dog smell, which can build up over time as a result of things like dog pee and dog hair. There are certain instances when this might be of concern such as when you are about to move out of a rental home. Here are some tips on what you could do if your house smells like dog.

The only real way to check whether your house truly smells like dog is to ask for an honest opinion from a trustworthy friend or acquaintance. You should ask someone who doesn’t own a dog to check whether the house smells like dog. Don’t worry if it does! There are plenty of ways to eradicate the dog smell without breaking the bank.

First, we suggest ventilating the house as much as possible by leaving the windows wide open. While the ventilation takes place, you can pour some white vinegar solution in a spray bottle and start spraying the areas of the house where your dog likes to frequent. White vinegar can help remove unwanted smells in the house when the acetic acid it contains bond with the odor molecules.

If you are looking for a longer-term solution then we highly recommend getting an ozone purifier. These devices do an excellent job of purifying the air. It will help neutralize all sorts of unwanted smells in the house.

If you have a carpeted floor then it’s highly recommended that you steam clean it with a commercial steam cleaner. You don’t necessarily have to buy the cleaner. These days, there are many companies that rent out commercial steam cleaners for a decent price. Just think about all the dog hair and gunk that may have accumulated inside the carpeted floor. Removing them should instantly remove a lot of the dog smell inside the house.

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