Tips to Keep Dogs Out of Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Unfortunately, dogs love to dig and prance around the backyard and that can lead to a lot of damage to your precious plants. Here are some simple tips to keep your dogs out of raised garden beds without hurting or punishing them.

Build a Fence Around the Garden Bed

Unfortunately, the most effective solution might be to build a fence around the garden bed (if it’s small enough). One affordable solution is to build a perimeter fence using chicken wire. This, however, might not work well for dogs that are big enough to jump over the fence.

Alternatively, you can create your own cloche over the raised garden bed. One method might be to create hoops over the garden bed using flexible PVC pipes then to cover them with materials like garden fabric. This might be enough of a barrier to discourage your dog from jumping in.

Provide an Alternative Digging Spot

If your dog’s primary motivation is to dig around then you could also try to provide him an alternative digging spot. You could, for example, place a sandbox in the backyard and train your dog to do as much digging as he wants in the sandbox.

Address the Dog’s Boredom

Some dog owners might need a reality check and realize that the only way to keep dogs out of their raised garden beds is by giving them enough exercise. Make sure the dog gets enough physical exercise and mental stimulation so that he doesn’t feel the need to release his stress and boredom elsewhere.

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