Keeping a Dog in the Garage – Why You Should or Shouldn’t

Most arguments you will read on this topic is against the idea of keeping a dog in the garage and there are good reasons for this. Most garage spaces simply aren’t suitable for a dog to be kept in. That, however, doesn’t mean the idea is completely off the table. Keeping a dog in the garage will be fine if you dog-proof the space and make sure it maintains a livable environment.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Dogs in the Garage

Let’s first start off with the reasons against keeping a dog in the garage. First, is the extreme temperature and humidity condition and this applies to both summer and winter. As you will most likely know, the garage is usually either too hot in the summer or too cold for a dog to be kept in during the winter. It’s cruel to keep the dogs in such conditions and it will be most likely result in excessive panting and other health issues.

The garage is also the space where many homeowners store chemicals and household products that can be hazardous to animals. This includes cleaning products and products for vehicle maintenance like antifreeze. It’s simple not safe to keep these hazardous products around an animal as curious as a dog.

Last but not least, some garage doors aren’t very secure so some dogs may try to escape from the garage if they find an opening. This can happen especially if the dog starts to feel isolated while staying in the garage space all day. There is nothing illegal about keeping dogs in the garage but you can see that it can end up being quite inhumane and cruel if they garage isn’t maintained in a proper way.

How to Dog-Proof the Garage

Sometimes, there are valid reasons for wanting to keep dogs in the garage. It could, for example, offer a large amount of space for the dog to play and rest in. The garage might also provide easier access to the backyard or garden where the dog can enter as they please.

If you want to keep a dog in the garage then it’s important to first address issues like the ones mentioned above and make the garage space a comfortable living environment. Just ask yourself the question. Would you want to hang about in the garage the whole day in its current state? If the answer is no then you have some work to do.

The first step is to make sure a comfortable temperature and humidity is maintained inside the garage. You might need to implement climate control and also make sure there is a good ventilation system as the air inside the garage can get quite stuffy.

The second step is to clear out all hazardous items and waste from the garage space. Store them somewhere the dog won’t be able to reach.

The third step is to secure the garage space. Make sure the dog won’t be able to escape due to something like a flimsy garage door. There might be more that you need to do aside from these three steps but this will set you off to a good start. Need inspiration? There are plenty of great DIY videos you can find on YouTube. This family for example created a dog kennel in the garage.

There’s also this amazing garage transformation done by Bailey Williams. You wouldn’t have guessed the dog room was previously a garage based on how it currently looks.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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