How to Massage Gas Out of a Dog with Bloating Issues

Bloating may not be serious in humans, but it’s a totally different case when bloating happens in dogs. When humans bloat, cutting down on sugar and salt, and maybe a cup of tea will fix the problem right up.

However, when dog bloat happens, believe it or not, it could be fatal. This is the main reason why it might be helpful to massage gas out of your dog when the situation warrants it.

What Is Dog Bloat and How It Happens

Just like in humans, bloating in dogs can happen when their stomachs are filled with gas, food, or fluid. It may be caused by several things like diet, stress, lack of exercise, drinking too much water, eating food too quickly and having an energetic temperament.

Dog foods that are high in grains, citric acid, or fat can cause bloating. Also, when a dog eats food or drinks water too fast, he can gulp in too much air as well. The same is true with a dog who is high strung, he gulps in too much air because he is overactive.

Reasons Why Dog Bloat Can Be Dangerous

When a dog’s stomach is expanded, it can cause pressure to other organs. One organ that may be affected is the lungs, resulting in your dog not being able to breathe properly.

Bloating, in severe cases, can also bring about tearing in the walls of the stomach. This can result in abdominal pain or even eating problems when not addressed timely and properly.

In rare cases, what veterinarians call “gastric dilatation volvulus” – a twist or rotation of the stomach – might occur. This condition can send your dog into shock because it restricts the flow of blood throughout the entire body. With little to no blood flow to the heart and stomach lining, serious health problems can occur.

How Do I Help My Dog With Bloat?

Knowing how to massage gas out of your dog can help with mild cases of dog bloat. However, you have to be very gentle while applying pressure in key areas. The steps on how to massage gas out of your dog are very different from how a relaxing massage is done on humans at the spa, remember this.

So, how do you do a massage properly? With your dog lying down on a flat surface, flatten your palm and slowly move it over your dog’s body, feeling both the hard and soft areas. Apply gentle pressure on soft, larger areas with a bit of rubbing. On smaller areas, try a gentle squeeze.

You’d want your dog to relax and enjoy the massage that you are giving so make sure that you are positively reinforcing the experience by ending with a pat on the head.

Understand that there are dogs who cannot relieve themselves of gas so a bit of physical manipulation might help. Knowing how to massage gas out of your dog is good, but it shouldn’t replace the advice of your vet.

If your pet acts restless, has a swollen abdomen, or tries to vomit but nothing comes out, there is something more serious happening. Go to your vet immediately! Your dog might need medication or even antibiotics depending on the severity of the dog bloat. In cases of a twisted stomach, emergency surgery is needed.

Preventing Dog Bloat in the Future

How to prevent dog bloat in the future? Listen to your vet as he or she will likely advise you to change your dog’s diet. Walk your dog consistently; moderate exercise is always good for your dog’s health. Try smaller and healthier meals, as well as the right amount of water.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Rosalia a.salaum | 09/11/2020

    I have puppy whom his belly is bloated, what is the medicine needs for my puppy? He vomited but nothing go out from his mouth. He eats quickly but he looks stressed.

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