What to Do When Your Dog’s Nails Bleeds After a Walk

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Is your dog’s nails showing signs of bleeding after you took him out for a walk? It’s important you treat his nails right away before the bleeding leads to a more serious infection. Here are some tips on what you should do to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

Apply Pressure with a Clean Cloth

Like you would to try and stop a nose bleed, the first step you can take is to apply some pressure to the bleeding part of the dog’s nail. Apply a clean paper towel to the affected area for a few minutes. This, in most cases, should be enough to start the blood clotting process.

We can’t emphasize how important it is to use a clean cloth as anything that’s dirty may spread bacteria and germs into the dog’s body. The anatomy of a dog’s nail is different to that of a human. Dog nails contain blood vessels which is why bleeding can occur while trimming your dog’s nails.

Have Some Styptic Powder Ready

One important first aid item that every dog owner should have is styptic powder. This powder is designed to stop bleeding quickly by contracting the tissues to seal exposed blood vessels. There are plenty of styptic powders you can buy that are designed for animal use.

Instructions are simple. First, make sure you dog is calm by offering him plenty of praise sand treats. Next, check the dog’s feet and clear away as much dirt and debris as you can without making the dog uncomfortable. Finally, gently dip the dog’s nails into the styptic powder and wait until the bleeding shows signs of stopping.

Use Corn Starch As An Alternative

If you don’t have any styptic powder at home then you could use corn starch as an alternative using the same method stated above. Corn starch is able to speed up the clotting process due to its drying properties. Just dip the dog’s nail into a pile of corn starch and give it a few minutes.

Prevent Nail Bleeding in the Future

If the nail bleeding becomes a regular occurrence after you talk your dog out for a walk then there are some steps you can take to prevent it from happening. First, you need to understand that a dog’s nail will get trimmed whenever the are walking on hard surfaces like concrete floors.

To prevent your dog’s nail from getting trimmed, you could try getting some nail caps. Yes, there are caps that will help protect your dog’s nails. They are primarily designed for cats but will work with dogs as well. Make sure you get nail caps that will fit your dog’s nail size.


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