What to Do if Your Neighbor is Harassing You About Your Dog

Do you have a neighbor that keeps complaining or harassing you about your dog? In such situations, it’s important to first take a step back. You need to understand what specifically your neighbor is complaining about and whether he or she has a valid reason for doing so.

Each city and town may have different ordinances when it comes to pet-specific behaviors so you may need to contact a few organizations, such as animal control, to figure out if you are violating specific rules that may be leading to the complaint.

For example, if your neighbor is harassing you about your dog due to the barking noise then you may want to check the local noise ordinance to ensure you aren’t in the wrong. Keep in mind that general noise ordinance might also apply (e.g. no loud noise at night) and there is a possibility that you and your dog are violating such rules.

If you have checked all the ordinances related to the complaint and you firmly believe your neighbor has no legal standing then this might be a time when legal advice is required. Of course, if you have a respectful rapport with your neighbor then it is always encouraged to figure out a solution with him or her first before you discuss with the legal professionals.

The reality is that not everyone likes dogs and some people may have a natural prejudice against pets. As a result, there will be things that you and your neighbor might not meet eye-to-eye on when it comes to dog behaviors. Our parting advice is to act quickly but respectfully. Unfortunately, while it isn’t common, there have been incidents of dogs getting threatened so you will want to come to a resolution as soon as possible before things come to a head.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


  • Lesley | 14/02/2023

    vindictive neighbor: last spring I brought home a beautiful german shepherd from a shelter. Two days later I overheard her tell someone that I got a dog and she did not want me to have a dog. Two weeks shy of a day I got hit with a stalking order..walking the dog up and down the street like the shelter recommended. Since Christmas she has gotten it in her head that I am abusing my dog of which I am not. When the stalking order was thrown out I have periodocally update law enforcement. What else can I do.

  • Sick of it | 20/03/2023

    We don’t complain until the barking becomes a problem. It’s you, the dog owner, who is the problem: the dog’s noise is because you are abusing her and don’t know how to train her. Unlike humans (arguably), dogs need and want training. If you’re the type of owner who won’t train your dog, won’t walk your dog, pays no attention to the specific genetic needs of the breed you thought was so cute and had to own, won’t feed her on time each day, and leaves her to howl alone in the cold rain and hot sun, causing her to scream and cry out in agony, you are the problem. You are harming your dog and nuisancing your neighbors and deserve death to be honest. If one of us comes to you in person begging you to please care for and train and quiet your pet, that in person visit came after months of hoping you would grow up and do something.

    This entire site needs to suck a gigantic d*ck because it caters to and fosters the “my child can do no wrong” attitude of negligent, narcissist dog owners (read abusers) and exacerbates a growing mental illness problem ruining neighborhoods. Be warned: the night is coming we have enough of listening as captives to your poor dog’s pain and will come and TAKE that dog from you and rehome him or her with somebody who “gets” how to treat a canine friend the right way. Abusers like you are so 1987. It’s over. We won’t lose any more sleep listening to your abused baby losing sleep because YOU ARE CALLOUSLY HURTING HER.

    Abuse dogs pay the price you *ssholes. The day of the dog rope is coming and that rope swings for you, not the dog

  • Brandon | 30/03/2023

    I can almost guarantee you’re subjecting your nearest neighbors and those around you to constant monotonous dog barking and are now acting like the victim

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