How to Stop a Dog from Pooping in Your Yard – 4 Simple Steps

It can be quite problematic if a dog, especially if it’s not yours, is pooping all over your yard. It’s not just the poop itself, but the fact that many dogs will kick or dig after they poop as a way to mark their own scent. This can be quite destructive to any precious plants and lawns you are maintaining in the yard. Here are some ways to stop a dog from pooping in your yard without harming them.

1. Set up a Barrier

The most effective way to stop dogs from pooping in the yard is to set up a barrier, especially if the poop is from neighborhood or stray dogs. The big downside is the fact that fences and barriers are not always visually-appealing. Unfortunately, it will be a necessary fixture, especially if you are dealing with persistent dogs. The cost of setting up a barrier is really up to what you are willing to spend. There are cheap barrier options available (but they may not be aesthetically pleasing).

2. Install a Motion-Detecting Sprinkler

A more discrete option is to set up a motion-detection sprinkler in the yard. This device will send a jet of water in the direction of any movements it detects. These sprinklers tend to have good coverage but it may be necessary to install multiple units if you have a large yard space. Look for a sprinkler that has the ability work both day and night, and an expandable spray zone.

3. Make Your Yard a Poop-Free Zone

You may start to notice that the dogs are always pooping in the same area of the yard. From a dog’s perspective, there could be certain aspects that make this space an appealing place for dogs to poop. For example, dogs may prefer to poop on grass than on concrete. There are certain things you could try to discourage dogs from pooping in the same spot in the yard. You could, for example, place a garden ornament on that spot. You could also consider spraying some vinegar over the poop zone. Dogs are very sensitive to that kind of smell and will refuse to go nearby.

4. Create a Poop-Friendly Zone

Alternatively, if you don’t mind dogs pooping in your yard as long as they are doing it in certain spots then you could try building a poop-friendly zone in a discrete area of the yard. You could, for example, set up a sand box or an outdoor pee pad in the corner of the yard. Having a designated area will make it much easier on your part to pick up and discard the dog poop.

In addition to making your yard a cleaner space, keeping poop out will also prevent unwanted visitors such as pests. Botflies, for example, may make an appearance and put your dog’s health at risk by causing the appearance of holes in their skin.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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