Why Your Dog is Drinking Water After Getting Surgery

First, don’t freak out too much if it’s been a few hours after surgery and your dog hasn’t been drinking any water. It’s common for dogs to not drink water right after getting surgery because they may feel lethargic and weak due to the effects of being sedated. It is, however, important to keep your dog hydrated so here are some steps you could try to encourage your dog to drink a bit more water.

Placement of Water Bowl

Make sure the water bowl is placed near the dog so they can reach it with minimal effort. Most surgeries would require you to limit the dog’s activity for a bit of time so you want to make sure the dog doesn’t need to walk or jump around to get to the food bowl and water bowl.

Some dogs may also have a hard time accessing a water bowl especially if they need to have a cone on. In addition to the placement, you might need to also experiment with the height of the water bowl so that the dog can easily reach it without having to bend their neck too much.

Wet Food and Treats

Dogs can also get hydrated by eating wet food and treats. If your vet says it’s fine to do so, try giving your dog some treats or dog food that contains a decent moisture content.

Add Some Flavor to the Water

If your dog refuses to drink the fresh water, try adding in a bit of low-sodium chicken broth. Some dogs simply can’t resist the taste that comes with meat broth. Make sure you only add a tiny bit though.

Call the Vet

If nothing works, don’t hesitate to call the vet. It can get dangerous for your dog if they don’t drink water for more than a day. It’s especially important to call the vet if your dog isn’t eating and drinking after a surgery.

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