3 Reasons Why You Are Allergic to Your Dog All a Sudden

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For pet owners, it can be one of their worst nightmares when they develop an allergic reaction to their dog all a sudden. Here are three common reasons that may explain why this is happening.

Being Certain if it is Your Dog

First, you should check if the allergic reaction is really due to your dog. We humans can be allergic to all kinds of things so there is always a possibility that your symptoms are triggered by something else. It could, for example, could be caused by mold that has recently formed in the house.

The allergic reaction might also be due to something that’s being transported home via your dog’s coat. In the spring and summer, pollen might get trapped in the dog’s fur and get released when you get back home. It would be worthwhile doing a close examination of your home to see if there’s anything new that may have caused the allergy.

Development of Allergies

Unfortunately, allergies can develop anytime during a person’s life. Allergies are unpredictable and there isn’t a way of knowing how long they last.

For households with dogs, one might suddenly develop allergies to things like a dog’s dander, urine, or saliva. For mild cases, it might be possible to manage this by grooming your dog regularly and getting a device such as a HEPA air purifier. For more severe cases, a cruel but necessary conversation might be required to see if it possible for you and your dog to live in the same space.

Check it isn’t Something Else

In addition to making sure that the allergy is not caused by something else, you should make sure that the allergy symptoms are also not caused by other forms of sickness.

Stories from Pet Owners

Here are a few stories from fellow pet owners who also experienced sudden allergy issues with their dogs.

Story #1 – Severe Allergies to My Two Dogs

I’ve never had any allergy to dogs until recently. I read that allergies can randomly develop in adulthood. You could go your whole life without being allergic to anything and suddenly you wake up and find that you are allergic to that one thing. Unfortunately, my worst nightmare came true and I am now seemingly allergic to my two lovely dogs. I am specifically allergic to the dander. My eyes become itchy and starts to swell shut as soon as the allergy symptoms kick in. I’ve tried most of the major allergy pills in the market with no effect.

Story #2 – Sudden Allergy to Dog Dander

I have always had moderate hay fever issues but never allergies. I have a Lhasa Apso and she is turning one year old this week. I’ve had zero allergy issues with her the past year. Recently, I’ve noticed that I am somewhat wheezy and sneezy. My throat and sinus also feel congested. I think I am allergic to her dander. My face feels very itchy when I rub my face against her coat.

Story #3 – Allergic to My Pup

We brought home a beautiful English Cocker Spaniel three months ago and everything was great until yesterday. I’ve suddenly developed severe allergic symptoms and this tends to happen when my puppy comes near me. I’ve had two family dogs before and never had allergic issues with them despite being around them for their whole life. Has anyone experienced something similar? I feel quite down given it hasn’t been that long since I brought my puppy home. I am hoping this is temporary and my allergy symptoms will disappear at some point.


  • Mike.d | 06/04/2022

    i have my dog for 6 years but for some reason my arm itches now when i pet him.

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