Is Applesauce Good for Dogs with Diarrhea?

When dogs suffer from digestive problems like diarrhea, a temporary adjustment in diet may be required to ensure your dog is getting enough nutrients, fiber, and water. Applesauce is often quoted as a good food for dogs with diarrhea because apples are part of the BRAT (banana, rice, apple, and toast) diet.

Including a bit of applesauce into a dog’s diet may help with their diarrhea problems because applesauce is rich in soluble fiber. It’s important, however, that you only give plain applesauce to your sick dog. Canned applesauce may contain sugar and other additives that disrupt the dog’s digestive system so it may be best to make your own applesauce.

Please note that your dog’s meal shouldn’t only consist of applesauce. During the dog’s road to recovery, it may be more helpful to give your dog bland foods such as boiled chicken and rice or mashed boiled potatoes.

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