Dog Ate Aluminum Foil – What to Do Immediately

Dog Ate Foil

We all know how much dogs love to eat human food, but sometimes a dog could end up getting hurt during his quest to get after that food sitting on the table. One situation you might find your dog has gotten himself into is that he just ate aluminum foil in his attempt to eat your grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

Here is what you should do if you noticed that your dog ate aluminum foil while trying to eat the delicious human food sitting on top of it.

Dangers of Aluminum Foil for Dogs

There are a couple main dangers of aluminum foil that you need to be aware of when it comes to your dog ingesting it. The biggest danger is that an intestinal obstruction could occur or your dog could simply choke on the foil itself.

This is only a danger when your dog is suspected of eating a large amount of aluminum foil. Most small amounts of foil will just be passed in his stool either that day or the next day. Due to their size, smaller dogs are more at risk for choking or intestinal blockages so that’s really the time to pay attention to possible symptoms of a blockage.

The other main risk for dogs when it comes to eating aluminum foil is the food that was on the foil in the first place. You really shouldn’t have to worry too much if you had a plate of hamburgers or hot dogs on the foil. The issue would be if the foil had ingredients or food on it that is known to make a dog sick, such as garlic or chocolate. It also depends on how much of that food or ingredient your dog ingested, since very small amounts often will not cause any issues.

If your dog ate the foil and the chocolate chip cookies setting on the foil, this would be a more substantial issue. Your dog could end up very sick from the food or even food residue found on the foil. Certain foods are toxic to dogs and if you think your dog ate food he shouldn’t have then you should seek veterinary assistance immediately.

What to Do When Your Dog Ate Aluminum Foil

There are some simple steps you should take if you know your dog just ate aluminum foil, and the first step is to not completely freak out. You first want to assess the situation and figure out whether or not the foil or food on the foil is causing your dog any problems. If your dog seems fine and appears to be playing and acting normally, usually there is no cause for concern and it will just pass out of his system through his stool.

Try to figure out how much foil your dog ate, and if you think he ate a lot of it, then you should probably either go to the veterinarian or at least give them a call to see what the next step should be. Pay attention to your dog for the next couple days and look in his poop for the next couple days to see if you see any foil or blood.

It should pass with no issues but if you notice anything, such as no bowel movements or pain when going, then you should head to the veterinarian. Vomiting, pain, distress, constipation, not eating, and bloating are all signs you should be looking out for. Other signs to watch for include depression or anxiety that isn’t normal. If you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary, then your dog should be fine.

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