Dog Ate a Beauty Blender / Makeup Sponge – What to Do Next

Makeup accessories like beauty blenders are prime targets for dogs. How unsafe the ingestion of a beauty blender or makeup sponge is to dogs will depend on a number of factors like the size of the sponge the dog swallowed.

What happens when a dog eats a beauty blender?

Your dog may get lucky and not suffer any major consequences after eating a beauty blender or a makeup sponge. This, however, is only likely if the dog chewed the beauty blender into small-enough pieces before swallowing.

Dogs, whether they are small or large-sized, that have swallowed a whole piece of beauty blender won’t be as lucky. The beauty blender may continue to expand as it makes its way to the dog’s stomach due to the absorbent property of the sponge. As the sponge isn’t digestible, the dog may end up suffering from serious conditions like intestinal blockage and canine bloat.

The other major health risk comes from all the beauty products the makeup sponge may contain after it is used. Some of these beauty products may contain substances that are toxic to animals. These substances may get absorbed by the dog’s body as the beauty blender makes its way through the dog’s digestive tract.

What to do if your dog ate a beauty blender

We recommend calling the vet immediately (try online services like Vetster if your local vet isn’t available). The potential health risks are too high to leave it to chance. Symptoms may not always appear immediately. Some dogs may act normal for the first few hours after swallowing a beauty blender then suddenly fall sick.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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