Dog Ate Human Vomit – What to Do Next

A dog’s curiosity can go a bit overboard sometimes and lead them to eating things they shouldn’t touch, such as human vomit. Here’s what to do if your dog recently ate some human vomit.

1. Content of human vomit

Dogs eating human vomit isn’t really an emergency unless under exceptional circumstances. One example of an exceptional circumstance would be if the dog ate human vomit that contains substances that are toxic to pets. It may, for example, contain the remains of foods that are toxic to dogs, like onions or raisins.

It would also be a concern if the dog ate human vomit that contains remnants of medicine, alcohol, and other substances that could be toxic to dogs, whether that be in small or high doses. You should call the vet straight away if this is of concern.

2. Monitor the dog’s activity

Any signs of illness should have you call the vet as soon as possible. Some dogs may start to act lethargic or show a variety of digestive symptoms (e.g. stomach upsets, diarrhea) due to the irritations caused by the human vomit. Sick dogs may also stop following their regular eating and pooping schedules. Keep a close watch of your dog’s behavior for the next few days. Make sure the dog is staying hydrated with access to plenty of clean drinking water.

3. Inducing vomiting

Home remedies that may help with inducing vomiting should only be conducted with explicit approval from a vet. You may end up making the situation worse by trying to get your dog to regurgitate the human vomit content.

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian when in doubt.


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