Be Careful When Serving Bananas to Dogs with Diarrhea

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Dogs that have diarrhea problems may benefit from being fed food that are high in fiber. It just so happens that bananas are rich in fiber with 100 grams of bananas containing up to 2.6 grams in dietary fiber. Diarrhea issues can be reduced as fiber helps the food move along the dog’s intestinal tract.

Aside from the fiber content, banana is also beneficial in that it contains a variety of important nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Each of these nutrients play an important role in maintaining bodily functions.

Despite these benefits, you do need to be careful with the amount of banana you serve to a dog that’s suffering from diarrhea. Banana is known for having a relatively high sugar content so it may make the diarrhea symptoms worse if a dog is allowed to eat too many bananas in one sitting.

You should also not serve bananas if this will be the first time a dog will be eating it. One common reason dogs have diarrhea is due to the introduction of new food. The ingestion of banana may make the diarrhea problems worse if the dog hasn’t tried it before.

Instead of bananas, it may be a better option to serve your dog food that’s bland and easily digestible, such as plain, boiled chicken and rice.

Stories from Dog Owners

Here are some stories of other dog owners who dealt with dogs that suffered from the occasional diarrhea using home remedies.

Story #1 – Feeding Bananas

We didn’t prepare in advance and ran out of dog food today. The stores were closed so we looked in the fridge to see what human food was safe for dogs to eat. Bananas were acceptable so we gave our puppy two small bananas. It ended up causing a bit of diarrhea. Did I let her eat too much?

Story #2 – Small Banana Bits Helped

My dog had diarrhea for a few days. She is still eating and drinking fine but the watery stools didn’t stop. She seems to do slightly better after giving her tiny bits of bananas. It supposedly helps because the banana is easy to digest.

Story #3 – Banana Does the Trick

Bananas helped my dog a lot. He has a bit of a sensitive tummy so anything unusual could trigger bouts of diarrhea. We gave him a bit of banana in addition to a mix of other bland foods like boiled rice and chicken. His poop is back to normal now.


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