Dogs Can’t Get Cats Pregnant and Vice Versa

Dog and Cat

Some pet owners that have cats and dogs in the same household might wonder if it’s possible for a dog to get a cat pregnant or vice versa. The answer is no. Dogs aren’t able to get cats pregnant.

There was a news story from China many years ago when a cat owner found a newborn puppy with a pregnant cat but it was concluded that the cat mother most likely brought the puppy home from a dog’s litter.

Dogs and cats are entirely different species with different genetics. Yes, some dogs may try to hump or mount a cat but that doesn’t mean your cat will get pregnant as a result of it. In this context, humping could be seen as a sign of over-excitement, dominance, or even stress.

It’s very important to not let your dog mount a cat. It’s not just irritating for the cat, but it also increases the risk of injury for both the dog and the cat.

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